The Exhibition and Shelter

How we plan the new concept of exhibition and shelter for the artists.

Establishment of Global New Media Art Exhibition Hall

The advanced IT technologies such as vision motion recognition, 3D scanning, and stereoscopic hologram of the Hello Art 3D technology team were utilized. And by using this, we are preparing a complex cultural space in Seoul Station Grand Central Tower (1,652㎡) in August 2021. The exhibition <New Art, Its Beginning and Future (working title)>, the market, and the beta version of the online platform are scheduled to open at the same time. Meanwhile, AK&Giheung 6th floor (3967㎡) complex cultural space in the second half of 2021 and Gunsan (19,835㎡) digital factory project in 2022 are under review. Starting from Seoul-Gyeonggi-Jeju, new media art exhibition halls will be established sequentially in Asia (China, Thailand, and Philippines), and in the long term, it will expand globally to Europe and USA.

Multiverse Museum

Humans are all creative universes. Since the offline exhibition space cannot be increased indefinitely in the short term, Hello Art Team is creating a metaverse platform that transcends the boundaries of time and space to create, enjoy, and trade works. This platform is a multiverse museum designed to pioneer and popularize a new concept art market for creators. It utilizes digital twin and blockchain technology and implements 3D programs that were used only by experts so that anyone can easily work. In particular, it is developed with the Unity engine, so it is possible to build a realistic 3D stereoscopic virtual space.

In addition, in the long term, it can be extended to the concept of a multiverse museum where both creators and enjoyers create their own space. Although it does not exist in reality, it overcomes the constraints of space and time by creating the ideal size, shape, and arrangement of the space desired by the user and connecting through VR. In addition, works created by oneself or acquired through a transaction, or works for which a license has been obtained, can be displayed in a virtual space, and the exhibited works can be traded freely and transparently through the open market, certified with NFT technology.

Creating an Ecosystem to Protect Digital Creation

As the cultural industry developed, art was also mass-produced and consumed. There are popular art, public art, and commercial art in art, but the online art market combined with NFT has grown rapidly as the new normal era has recently arrived due to COVID-19. Accordingly, it is urgent to build an art ecosystem that protects creations and enables artists to be sustainable. First, copyright - ownership - use right is separated. A virtuous cycle structure should be formed in which new works are created by generating profits through various businesses such as production, storage, download, streaming, performances, and goods, and fair copyright revenue is given to the artist. When settled as a transaction concept, steady profits can be returned to creators and it will be established as an ecosystem where owners or users produce added value.

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