Business Plan by Stages

Hello Art's Business Roadmap by Stages

Early Stage

In the initial stage, we aim to discover artists and build our own artist pool by converting them into a DB. In order to increase the participation of artists, it is essential to secure an offline space. Starting with the operation of the exhibition space on the 3rd floor of the Grand Central Tower at Seoul Station, we are considering securing additional space in Gyeonggi-do, Busan, and Jeju-do in the second half of the year. With the opening of the Grand Central Tower at Seoul Station, a special exhibition will be held with <New Art, Its Beginning and Future> to first secure a pool of artists who transcend the boundaries of art, such as media art and NFT, and converge. In addition, some spaces are continuously curated through public offerings to secure a pool of 10,000 artists within one year. By establishing a multi-bus museum along with securing exhibition space, online and offline are connected and the art market can be industrialized.

In addition, through NFT authentication technology, the certificate implemented as a smart contract is specified in the work certificate to build an NFT authentication and copyright service that automatically pays a portion of the revenue to the artist whenever a work is traded. Through this service, the concept of copyright, ownership, and usage right is shared, and a fair copyright fee is paid to the artist.

Growth Stage

Hello Art Team will build a center based on our artists to provide management services and manage their works as digital assets using NFT certification. In addition, by securing ownership of some works, it generates revenue through the transfer of ownership of digital works and offers various products and services using the right to use. Profits will be actively generated through IP business and secondary value-added business, such as license contracts that can be transmitted to MD goods production, exhibitions, advertisements, corporate lobby, etc., and monthly streaming service provision. Through this, the transaction of works becomes active and the demand and supply of HTT increases rapidly. In addition, due to the expansion of the business, additional revenue is generated for authors who have copyright, and a virtuous cycle structure is completed.

In addition, the offline base goes beyond Korea and advances to Asia. Through these services, product planning, and space expansion, art contents are industrialized beyond the constraints of time and space. As the ecosystem of the NFT art market operates in earnest, it plans to build a multiverse ecosystem in which 30,000 global artists and users are active.

Late Stage

By establishing Hello Art's reality base in Europe and the Americas, we leap forward as a global company. It integrates the value chain of members of the art industry, such as artists, management, technology teams, publishers, distribution, exhibition/performance planners, advertisement producers, and agencies. The streaming service is advanced according to the characteristics of the work, such as genre, means of use, and method of use. For example, it is a strategy to diversify art content services such as a special exhibition of MZ works, artist work live, Hot 100 Artist Lounge, exhibition of works that awaken the brain, and VR streaming of human-nature interaction. It is expected to grow into a new art leading platform with annual sales of 400 billion won and more than 1 million users due to the increase in NFT artwork owners and streaming service users and an overwhelming increase in sales volume. Macroscopically, as streaming art sales surpass that of physical art, new art will be firmly established as popular art. As the multiverse ecosystem grows actively and the offline connection becomes closer, it will be advanced as a popular art industry. The opening of a renaissance era of NFT art will be the final stage of this project.

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