Hello Art's Landscape

What we are thinking about the exhibition and where to go.

The public has always been wary of the emergence of new art. It took quite a while for media art and performance art to be recognized as one step further from the existing paintings and sculptures. However, the new form of new media art sparked by Nam June Paik has already entered the realm of 'art', and recently digital media art and immersive exhibitions are receiving high public interest.

The basis of this exhibition is, after all, in new media art based on digital creation. Artists who work traditionally are also experiencing digitizing their work through archiving or printmaking, and many young artists are working digitally from the authoring stage. These changes in creative methods and the results of creations have a great impact on consumers who enjoy art, and are also causing changes in the way they own works. This is a matter of how to own and enjoy digital creations.

The greatest pure function of art is the power to read, insight, and think about the context of our times through leading creators. New media art can be said to be the medium that makes the most profound thought and debate about the identity of art at this point when we are meeting a changing world.

Hello Art team will show various possibilities through offline exhibition space about the birth of this new art and the right to create, own and use this art. First of all, those who enjoy culture will be able to see digital creations displayed simultaneously in various time and space. Up to now, all works of art have been able to meet the audience in one space and specific time period. However, new media art makes it possible to meet people at the same time and in a different space and to raise a topic.

Hello Art Team will also provide experiences that push the boundaries of art. Expand the narrow art category that galleries and collectors traded as they judged to be valuable to all creations that have a 'fandom', and the category is not only painting, sculpture, media art, but also architectural design, design, graphic, and character. We plan to expand the diversity of art.

After the 4th industrial revolution, the rapid development of artificial intelligence and robots is ultimately asking the reason for human existence. In the long term, Hello Art Team expects to open an era in which all humans communicate and cooperate with their creations as ‘creative humans’ and ‘people who enjoy culture’.

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