Who we are...

Team Members

Dorothy Heo

  • Current Representative of Mochaholdings
  • Founder of Arts and Community Network

Justin Kang

  • Current CSO of Mochaholdings
  • Former Director of OZ Startup Incubation Center

Stephanie Kim

  • Current Representative of ARTSCLOUD
  • Former Director of global startup incubating team

Huki Kwak

  • Current Creative Director of ARTSCLOUD
  • Former Chief Curator of Nexon Computer Museum

Beejay Chung

  • Current CTO of ARTSCLOUD
  • Former CEO of Startrail

Claire Lee

  • Current COO of ARTSCLOUD
  • Former Head of the product planning team of Unique Union


Apollo Yang

  • Current Chairman of ARCON
  • Former General Director of 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

Daehyung Lee

  • Current CEO of HZONE
  • Former Artistic Director of Korean Pavilion at 2017 Venice Biennale

Kyu Rhee

  • Current CEO of E&Art
  • Author of ‘100 Most Expensive Paintings in the World’

Jay Paik

  • Current CEO of Central Investment Partners
  • Former Head of contents investment at Medialog

Kyle Kim

  • Current CEO of CollegenieAI
  • Former CEO of C&C
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Team Members